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Our Philosophy

okava philosophy

Okava's dedication to excellence is inspired by the founder's grandfather who launched Israel's first safety razor factory in the early days of the State. Just as each razor had to meet high standards of manufacture that gave his grandfather's company an unrivalled reputation for excellence, Okava's founder Michael Klotsman believes that the work product of a professional consultant should similarly be the proof of superior work and commitment to quality.

When it comes to delivering solutions in the highly competitive BioPharma industry, Michael was inspired by the story of his grandfather's path to success: a dedication to quality, integrity, and constant improvement.



    Okava is your strategic partner in every way:

  • You always get the personalized attention you need.
  • You have the assurance that your project will be done right.
  • You know you have a partner committed to BioPharma and its unique challenges.


To Okava, you will never be just another client but a partner.
We aim to be your colleague, not just another vendor.